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Our Group Fitness Classes include Weight Loss, Tai Chi, Golf Fit, Grit and more!

Group Fitness Classes

Group Fitness Classes

The Vitality Series




Functional movement training to improve how you look, move, and feel. Designed to increase strength and mobility while decreasing your risk of injury.

This series is arranged to increase in difficulty and allow progression as fitness levels improve.

Level 1: Restore

If you have difficulty standing, walking, and weight bearing as a result of an injury or chronic condition, then this is your starting point. This class focuses on restoring joint range-of-motion and full body mobility, improving posture, and tolerance to weight bearing. The class alternates between seated and standing activities and participants improve their posture and walking pattern.

Level 2: Rejuvenate

If you have been inactive for a while and want a challenging class that is safe yet effective, this is the class for you. This class consists of light strengthening activities interspersed with walking and stepping intervals. The strength exercises are performed with dumbbells, bodyweight, resistance bands, and TRX. Each class begins with a gentle warm-up and wraps up with balance exercises and a standing stretch routine. All exercises are performed in a standing position to accommodate anyone who is unable to get down to floor level. The format of the class allows participants to work at their own pace and the instructor is able to modify any activity to accommodate limitations such as pain and/or injuries.

Level 3Thrive

This class is set up as a circuit. Participants will move through a series of stations and perform strength exercises for a timed interval. The class begins with a dynamic warm-up and finishes with stretching and mobility activities.


Level 4: Elevate

If you are looking to become more active and lose some weight, this is the class for you. Set up as a circuit, participants will move through a series of timed stations, performing strength and cardiovascular exercises. The class begins with a dynamic warm-up and ends with a comprehensive stretching routine.


Level 5: Excel

This is is a fast-paced circuit style class consisting of functional/movement activities designed to improve your strength, coordination, and endurance. Participants complete a dynamic warm-up followed by specific strengthening and mobility exercises that target typically weak muscles and stiff joints. A comprehensive stretching routine closes down each session.

Level 6: Seasonal Sport Specific

Based on the Excel format these sport specific classes change with the season. These classes focus on developing specific muscle groups distinct in each sport in addition to functional/movement activities to improve your strength, coordination, and endurance. The specialized classes include those for  Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding, Nordic skiing, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, and Hiking.

Level 7: Grit

Grit is a fast-paced, more-intense class that combines cardio and functional strength training in an interval format. The exercises are geared toward everyday movements and can be modified for beginners and more experienced participants to provide a challenging workout for everyone. This class is designed to increase cardiovascular fitness and lean muscle mass. Some fitness experience is recommended.

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a graceful form of exercise comprised of gentle, flowing movements that promotes serenity, mental clarity, and longevity. The health benefits of tai chi are numerous, including stress and pain management, muscular strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination. It is a low impact class for minimal stress on muscles and joints, suitable for participants of any fitness level.

Tai Chi

Golf Fit (October - April)

This class is for golfers who want to maintain or increase their off-season flexibility, strength, and rotational power (clubhead speed) for their golf swing. It is set up as a circuit, and in the warm-up we address common golf-conditioning issues to improve the functional movement of your golf-muscles. You will have the opportunity to hit balls in every class at our indoor driving range area.

Golf Fit Elite (October - April)

The golfers in this class have a handicap below 10 and/or a high degree of fitness. This class is designed to focus on golf-related strength and rotational power for performance. Golf Fit Elite is set up as a circuit, and in the warm-up we address common golf-conditioning issues to improve the functional movement of your golf-muscles. You will have the opportunity to hit balls in every class at our indoor driving range area.

Golf Fitness Assessment

This is a physical screen to identify any physical limitations that may be influencing problems with your golf swing - including any imbalances or injuries, flexibility or mobility issues, and weaknesses. A fitness program can be recommended to address limitations, including a brief assessment of your golf swing.  

Private Golf Lessons

Lessons are booked privately with Ann Holmes, golf professional. Lessons can be scheduled for one person (30 minutes) or two - eight people (55 minutes), and can address any aspect of the game - from pitching, chipping, irons, hybrids, to fairway woods - and at any level, from beginner to advanced. 

Other Group Fitness Classes

Pink Power

This class is for breast cancer survivors who would like to become more physically active. The class is designed to improve full body strength and mobility with a focus on correct upper body movement and reducing the risk of lymphedema. This class is appropriate for anyone who has not been physically active for several years. This class is not choreographed and designed to allow individual participants to work at their own pace.

Physical Rehabilitation

Physical Rehabilitation

Private Therapeutic Kinesiology

Tracie has been working in the field of rehabilitation for over 15 years, and over these years has noticed a gap in care when moving from the clinic to the gym. As a Kinesiologist and Certified Exercise Physiologist, she can provide the guidance needed to cross that gap with fewer injuries and an increased likelihood of success for a full recovery. Tracie will provide a personalized program tailored to your individual goals which will address aspects of mobility, strength, and injury prevention and rehabilitation. 

Athletic Therapy

Certified Athletic Therapists (CAT(C)s) are experts in treating injuries to the musculoskeletal system (muscles, bones, and joints), including injury prevention, assessment, emergency and acute care, rehabilitation and re-conditioning. With the help of an Athletic Therapist; you will minimize the time lost at work or play when you are injured or receiving surgery; correct your bio mechanics before that nagging injury gets you down; begin your first outing of the season with confidence your body can handle it; and extend your quality of life years. For more information on our Athletic Therapist, please visit Craig's website:

Personal Training

Personal Training

Private Personal Training

Work privately with a CSEP-Certified Personal Trainer for workouts designed specifically for you. Your program will be tailored to help you achieve your goals, while taking into account your level of fitness and any other health-related constraints. 

Private Health Coaching

Work privately with Ann to achieve a higher level of health. You will learn and integrate the various dimensions of health together - including fitness, nutrition, and habits. In collaboration with your health coach, you will develop the tools needed to be successful while enjoying an individualized, organized, and supportive plan developed for you. 



Class Placement Assessment

Book a Class Placement Assessment with one of our CSEP-Certified Personal Trainers for a class recommendation based on your personal health status. These 30 minute assessments include joint range-of-motion analysis, physical fitness analysis, and a personal class recommendation based on your individual health requirements. 

Full Physical Assessment

If you have more serious health issues, book a Full Physical Assessment with our CSEP-Certified Exercise Physiologist. These 60 minute assessments include a thorough physical analysis, with more in-depth assessments for more complicated areas, and you will go over your health history in detail, so we can make a well-informed recommendation on your next steps. 


Specialty Workshops

Please contact us to find out which of our Specialty Workshops we will be running next. Topics include Pelvic Floor Health, Self-Myofascial Release (rolling), Foot Care, Upper Back, Shoulder & Neck Care, Hip & Knee Care, and more!


Class Schedule

Class Schedule

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Therapeutic Kinesiology

Private Health Coaching

Personal Training

Athletic Therapy

Specialty Workshops

Full Physical Assessment

Class Placement Assessment








Participant Perks

The Perks of Being an AHS Participant...

All of our fitness professionals have the highest level of expertise in the industry, with Standard First Aid, CPR Level-C, and AED training (there is an AED on site).

Unique functional training systems that improve real life and sport performance while decreasing your risk of injury

We provide Referral and Medical Clearance Forms for our members to take to their doctor to have signed.  This form, along with the receipts from AHS can be used on your tax returns as a health care expense.

Train in a private exclusive setting that maximizes your safety with large personal workout areas and small group classes

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