Did you vow over the Christmas break that 2019 was going to be the year that you get healthier? Great. Now what? What is your plan? Did you get on your computer and Google “how to get healthy” (which incidentally yields 1.3 billion results)? Do you plan to get more exercise? Eat better? Lose weight? Cut down on the junk food? Health is multi-dimensional and involves not just your diet and exercise, but also areas like stress, mental and emotional wellness, mindset, and sleep.

All aspects of the way we live our lives (both in positive and negative ways) contribute to our health. Once you have examined the foundations of health you can start making some changes to get healthier. And if you need some guidance or ideas, we can help you through this process, as much or as little as you need to feel supported.

Your Health Solution is a new program at AHS that focuses on YOU. We will start to unpack the various dimensions of health, address your strengths and areas of change, your tendencies and hurdles, and get you on a new path of wellness. Set up as a small group series and then private coaching, these interactive sessions will allow for self-reflection, planning, and feedback. Together we will figure out some small, sustainable changes and tweaks that will fit with you and your lifestyle. We can combine personalization and practicality to get you moving in the right direction to improving your health in all dimensions. Once you start to regain some power over your own well-being, you can create some momentum for longer-term health changes – whether it is the decline of aging, resolving some chronic symptoms, helping you to get a handle on weight issues, or offering up a better state of mind.

Let us know how we can support you to make 2019 a healthier adventure!

~ Ann




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