For some reason, the month of June was busier than May around Active Health Solutions.  We are so grateful for the uptick in interest and new participants (so, THANK YOU to all of our current movers that have told a friend!!).  This surge is giving us an opportunity to hone our intake process and streamline our initial communication when someone new walks through our door.  There is a lot of learning happening!

When people come in after some time pondering their options or their current health situation, they seem to be so relieved that our studio isn’t big and scary and doesn’t look like a traditional gym – we don’t have a lot of strange looking equipment (unless you count the TRX’s hanging on the wall).  They seem genuinely shocked by the full-service kitchen/classroom that looks warm and inviting.  Recently, I was showing one woman around and Tracie had a class going on … our participants were busy and someone cracked and joke and a big laugh burst out.  The woman I was touring around said to me “are they laughing while they are working out?”  It never occurred to me, but this is a regular occurrence at AHS!

Then comes the discussion about the classes we offer and where they will fit in.  This conversation always leads to the disclosure of the health concerns, past injuries, illnesses, diagnoses, and medications.  It is our impression that people seem resigned or discouraged when they are telling us all about their medical history, but truthfully, we listen without judgment and let them know that nothing on their list of concerns scares us.  We have literally heard it all!  We know that we have other participants that have faced similar or equally scary issues but are exercising with us with positive results.  We have people in our classes that have had heart attacks, overcome cancer, car accidents from years past, joint replacements, various surgeries, autoimmune diseases, are managing chronic pain, high blood pressure, diabetes, and the list goes on.

Next is the paperwork – the Registration Questionnaire and the Par-Q+.  It is somewhat time-consuming but extremely important.  The information that we collect gives us written details about health challenges, medications, and goals for participation.  In addition, the Par-Q+ is the “Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire for Everyone” and it is designed by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP), the national organization that Tracie and I both belong to.  Not only does it provide us with some further information about how stable their medical conditions are, but also how they are currently working with their physician.  Finally, we ask you to sign the participant declaration at the end as this ensures we are all covered under our liability insurance (which is affiliated with CSEP).  This is an added level of safety for everyone in our facility, including us


We’ve heard stories of participants signing waivers and simple Par-Q’s at other facilities and getting turned away because of their medical histories.  Other trainers may not have the experience or knowledge to help participants with complicated health issues, but we do.  And with this extra paperwork, we hope people feel reassured that we are capable and ready to make sure you start where you are at – at the right level of intensity and with the right group of people in your class.

So because of this process, we hope that everyone that has walked through our door has taken a positive first step on their health journey.

Everyone belongs here.

So, to that we say: “Welcome to Active Health Solutions”!!






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