For the past few months I have been completing courses towards a Diploma in Natural Nutrition. It is a slow process (for me) as I am in the midst of juggling the business, my teaching load at CNC, and now a bit of golf (both coaching and playing) … not to mention trying to enjoy the summer with my family at our cottage. But my course work is coming along. And the best part, it is informative and very interesting.

What is natural nutrition and why did I decide on this credential? In our modern world we have a plethora of scientific research, a million options at the grocery stores and restaurants, and yet we’ve never been more sick, tired, allergic, sensitive, overweight, undernourished, and unhealthy with our food. And the more we look online for solutions, the more overwhelmed it seems to feel. At least this is what I hear from my students, my colleagues, and my community of movers (including myself). How to eat? What to eat? When to eat? This list of questions and confusion is endless.

Natural nutrition is a movement that looks at many aspects of the human body, food sources, and nutritional concepts (like macro- and micronutrients, timing of eating, etc.) and works with the individual client to find the healthiest way to eat for them. The main tenets are natural (unprocessed or unrefined), high quality choices with plenty of vegetables, fruit, and variety. The final certification is as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (which is different from a dietitian, which required a university science degree). I made the choice to pursue a 2-year diploma as I want to work with people in a holistic way to understand how food and nutrition match their own symptoms and health issues.

I’ve already completed several basic nutrition courses, anatomy & physiology, counselling, preventative nutrition, and nutritional symptomatology. I have a few more to go (like cellular biology, bio-chemistry, nutritional pathology, and lifecycle nutrition for aging) but I am at the point where I require some cases. I have to practice my analysis skills and make recommendations for various nutritional issues.

At Active Health Solutions we believe that nutritional counselling and seminars are a strong piece of our business model that needs to be cultivated. When we were designing our clinic and working on our long-term plan, the tagline was very simple and came to us very easily – “move well, eat well, live well.” We know we have the first part covered, but the “eat well” is an area that we want to increase, and this Natural Nutrition credential is the next step.

So please stay tuned for workshops, counselling sessions, and lots of value-added opportunities for our community of participants! This will all start to roll out in the fall and new year. And, of course, it will all take place in our community kitchen 😊

~ Ann





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