After a summer of adventures, some sunshine (and smoke), and a little bit of freedom, I’m ALWAYS ready to follow a schedule and establish some routines in the fall.  And for most of my adult life, I’ve either been a student or a college instructor so September has a ‘New Years’ feeling to me.  Routines are second-nature to me and I’m constantly looking at opportunities to start fresh or try some new habits.

A few months ago, we tried a June Checkmark Challenge and we LOVED the feedback and ideas generated within our community of movers.  A few of us tried to add some positive habits to our week (like 10 minutes of stretching or connecting with a friend) and a few of us tried to cut back on our less-desirable habits (like one cup of coffee or too many bedtime snacks).

Please consider joining us and committing to trying a few little things for 7 days.  Anyone can do anything for a short amount of time.  We aren’t asking you to try these new things forever, just a week.  See if you like them, see if they stick, and if they don’t … so be it … at some point, it will be September 8th and the challenge will be over.

We’ve put a few things on the list that will help you move well, eat well, and hopefully live well.  Feel free to tweak these (they are just our wacky ideas) and add a few of your own.  Then, like last time, report back.  Let us know what you did, where you were strong and where you need some attention, how many checkmarks you managed to collect, and what were your own additions.

Print it off or pick one up and join us for the week – starting on Saturday, September 1st.  We’d love to hear about your adventures in fresh starts and habit change!  Tracie and I already know that we won’t be perfect, but we want to have some fun trying something new.

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