Are you feeling stiff and sore after your AHS fitness class? Come try out our new Recovery class, which is replacing our previous Soothing Stretch class. I am now certified in the Treat While you Train method, and am so excited to teach our members about self mysofascial release (SMR) – a therapeutic recovery technique that you can do yourself!

SMR is self-massage using tools like foam rollers and massage balls. In our Recovery class we will be using different sizes and densities of massage balls to help restore and maintain healthy soft tissues in the body. We will use the balls to work on releasing trigger points within muscles and prying apart levels of connective tissue. These small, gentle stretches can ease locked and poorly hydrated tissue back into movement. And what’s great about working on releasing one area of the body, is that it can have an effect in other areas as well because everything is so physically intertwined. Nothing in the human body happens in isolation.

There are many benefits of SMR including increased joint range of motion, relaxation, and proprioception (your body’s sense of itself), and decreased pain and tightness. You will find your mobility and posture improving as you regularly practice this method of self care. Whether you are an athlete looking to recover quicker, or you want to counteract the negative effects of too much sitting throughout your day, self-massage is a great way to start.

While anyone can reap the benefits of SMR, please note that to take our Recovery class you must be comfortable getting up and down off of the floor, and understand that there is a level of discomfort – good pain – that comes when working on highly tense and/or dysfunctional tissue.



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