Have you been in the same class here at AHS for a while and feel like you could be a bit more challenged?  You may have grown accustomed to the workouts and have increased your fitness level.  Maybe it’s time for you to bump your workouts up a notch with the next level in our Vitality Series! In order to avoid a plateau in your fitness journey, you need to make sure you keep pushing yourself to do more than you’ve been doing.

Progression is one of the key principles of exercise, helping to ensure you keep reaching new levels of fitness. Implementing progression means increasing your exercise workload through the frequency, intensity, duration, and complexity of your workouts.  Your body adjusts to the demands of exercise so it is important to work your body at a higher level than it is used to in order to keep improving your fitness.  One way to do this is to push yourself harder than you normally do in your regular class, but another option you have is trying out a more difficult class! Even though it might seem intimidating at first, trying a new class is a great way to keep your mind and body stimulated during your workouts.

If you are in one of our Rejuvenate or Invigorate classes right now but what used to seem like a tough workout is feeling a little easy for you these days, try one of our circuit-style classes! Try Thrive to start with, and once you’re ready to bump up another level, our Excel and Weight Loss classes are our most physically demanding group fitness classes. Our circuit classes use timers to tell participants when it’s time to switch stations, but they are still self-paced in the sense that you work at the level you are comfortable with for the timed exercise intervals. So, grab your friends from your regular class and see who is up for a new challenge!

On the flipside, if you’ve had a break (like an extended vacation or a medical issue that required some time off) and are feeling like you’ve regressed in your fitness, we can provide a class that is more gentle.  Our classes in the Vitality Series are on a continuum and you can always find a class that is suitable for you.  Our goal at AHS is to ‘meet you where you are at’ for your fitness.  Once you get back into the routine and retrain your body, you can comfortably return to your original class without any worry about keeping up or injuring yourself.

And remember, your punch card is good for any class, so feel free to try something new!






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