Physical literacy is the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge, and understanding to value and take responsibility for your engagement in physical activities throughout your life. With obesity rates among children having nearly tripled in the last 30 years, it is more important than ever to give kids the tools needed for them to start out and continue on with healthy lifestyles. Fundamental movement skills (running, jumping, and throwing), together with the ABC’S of physical literacy (agility, balance, coordination, and speed) form a foundation to be physically active for life. These are all part of a spectrum of essential life skills that we all need to live complete, healthy lives. Physical literacy is not simply training children so they can succeed in sports, it is about helping them become confident and capable of taking control of their health for now and in the future.

As much this sounds like it is focused solely on kids, physical literacy is for people of all ages! Even if you have never been a fit/active person, it is never too late to start learning your fundamental skills and ABC’S of physical literacy. Adults who did not develop these building blocks in childhood can still develop physical literacy through pursuing a variety of physical activities. This will result in improved physical and emotional well-being and cognitive ability, and decreased risk of injury and loss of independence.

Having taught physical literacy classes at my mom’s childcare centre for years, I have seen how fitness makes such a profound difference in a child’s life, and I see that same effect in older adults now while working at Active Health Solutions. This has inspired my Grandkids & Grandparents class: it is all about having fun and spending quality time together while moving, learning, and getting healthy! The class is filled with a variety of engaging and accessible games and activities that integrate the fundamental skills of physical literacy. Our goal is to introduce/improve these physical literacy skills in the grandchildren, and improve the fitness level and overall quality of life of the grandparents, in a way that is fun for all.

So, if you are a grandparent looking for a fun way to spend time with your grandchildren - with an added bonus of health promotion – come try our Grandkids & Grandparents class here at AHS. Let’s move today for a better tomorrow!

~ Bryn

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