Back in 2016 when Tracie and I started talking about our vision for Active Health Solutions, we knew that it had to be about more than exercise.  Yes, safe and effective exercise was the cornerstone of our business model, but it had to be bigger.  We wanted to dip into more dimensions of health and include holistic approaches to our services and expertise.  Information on eating, cooking, habits, gardening, and connecting like-minded people together … we had an inclusive, fun, supportive and community-based facility in mind right from the beginning.  That is how the community kitchen/classroom was born and why it takes up such a large portion of our floor plan!  And when Pushpa was able to deliver our first Lunch & Learn last week, we realized that this vision was now a reality and we were so incredibly thrilled with the event.  Using that space to visit, eat, and learn was all about CONNECTION.

Since we opened at the end of 2017, we’ve been building the AHS community.  This past summer I read a book called “Tribes” by Seth Godin (I’m an avid reader and have been focusing on both psychology and marketing texts lately!).  A lot of what he discussed are concepts we’ve been implementing, albeit organically as it felt like we were just following our vision.

We started with a group of movers that knew Tracie from previous classes.  They share a common interest of moving more and connecting together for some physical activity.  Once they were engaged with our new space, they continued to leverage their positive experiences with their passion and then started recruiting new participants for the tribe.  And then the tribe started to grow.  And grow.  We’ve struggled with how to market AHS but we’ve realized that our best connections are referrals and by word-of-mouth, so we have decided to just do what we do best – provide great classes and support to all the members of our tribe – and let the community share our message.

When I crunched the numbers and when a participant comes to AHS for two classes per week, they have decided to spend 1.2% of their time here.  This 1.2% of time means doing something positive for your health, connecting socially to others, and belonging to a group of like-minded people (and every single class we see examples of sharing – recipes, gardening tips, pictures of grandchildren, stories of vacations, health scares, inspiring stories of recovery … to mention a few topics!).  And best of all, this small sliver of 1.2% of time at AHS has the potential to impact the other 98.8% of their week.  People are excited about this and want to tell others about it within their other social groups.  THIS is how we are growing our tribe.

The Lunch & Learn was the latest manifestation of how we want to support our tribe.  We all rise together in health.   And we are grateful for all of the members of our community.  Look for our One Year Anniversary party coming in December, you are all invited to help us celebrate!

– Ann






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