“There is virtually no human condition that cannot be improved by increasing physical activity.”

-Dr. Robert McMurty

Being called the “miracle drug” by experts, exercise has numerous mental and physical health benefits. Physical activity increases aerobic and musculoskeletal fitness, sleep quality, mood, confidence, immune system function, bone strength, life expectancy, mobility, and overall quality of life. Exercise also decreases chronic disease risk, hypertension, blood glucose and cholesterol, stress, the need for expensive medications, and other functional limitations.

It is obvious that regular physical activity is one of the most important things that people of all ages can do to improve their health and general well-being. But if you’re a beginner, starting an exercise program can be intimidating and daunting – that’s why so many people choose to start out with a Personal Trainer!

Working with a Personal Trainer has many benefits including motivation, accountability, and safety. This is especially true when working with a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer. The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) is the principal body for physical activity, health and fitness research, and personal training in Canada, with their Certified Personal Trainers (CPT’s) holding certifications that reflect the highest standards and specialized education and training in the industry. Every CSEP-CPT has an educational background covering anatomy, physiology, sport and exercise psychology, coaching, biomechanics, performance analysis, injury prevention and management, motor development, and more, which gives them the knowledge to design, implement, and monitor client-tailored exercise programs for healthier living. Some of the most common reasons why people don’t engage in regular physical activity are lack of self-motivation or support, confidence in their abilities, self-management skills, and a fear of being injured. Luckily, all of these barriers can be overcome with the help of a Certified Personal Trainer. A CPT will be by your side to help encourage and guide you through your fitness journey, while ensuring that you are staying on track and being safe.

Because we believe so strongly in the value of working with a Personal Trainer, one of our special Holiday Bundles for December is our Intro to Fitness Bundle – and for $100 you get 3 one-on-one Personal Training Sessions with Bryn, a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer! This package is perfect for anyone who is feeling unsure about joining our group fitness classes. In these private sessions, Bryn will prepare you for all of the exercises and movements you will be doing in future classes, making sure that you are performing them correctly and safely. She will be there to answer any fitness-related questions you have so you feel comfortable and confident in moving forward. You can either purchase the sessions for yourself, or give them to a loved one who would benefit from some personalized fitness training. This year please consider our Give the Gift of Health gift certificates!

~ Bryn




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