Resolutions. Changes you want to make in the process of becoming a better version of yourself. These ideas are easy to put on a list, but how do you ‘stay the course’ so that you actually make the change and improve your life? Change is hard. Change is work. And if I had a Harry Potter wand to make this process easier, I’d be rich.

But what if we try a little reframing experiment rather than make a list of goals?? This year, I am trying something new. Four words …”less of/more of” (maybe LOMO for short?).

What is less of/more of?? It’s the split second before you make a choice. It’s the gap between thinking and doing. It’s the gap between the realization of something and the execution of my action. Sadly, often this action is mindless, a simple habit, or a reaction to a default setting. I want to take a pause in this gap, in this moment, and act with more intention and more awareness.

Here of some examples from my own LOMO list (and I added some context):

  • After dinner, when I am cleaning up and I am reaching for the opened bottle of wine → less wine/more tea

  • When I am feeling unfocused about what I have to do → more lists/less procrastinating (I’m a Type A List-Maker, so I usually tell myself to just pick something easy off my list and do it, then I’ll have a tiny bit of momentum to work from)

  • When I am bored before bed and feeling too lazy to get up from the couch → more sleeping/less reaching for my phone to play on it

  • It’s 3 pm and I have a lull in my day (and dinner is still a few hours away) → less sugar/more healthy snacking (or more from my green smoothie)

  • Preparing a class and being at my computer for a long time and my leg falls asleep from being crossed for too long → less sitting/more changes in my position (usually I just cross my legs the other way and keep working … maybe it’s time to stand up, get a drink of water, or take a little walk)

So the plan is take small (tiny, tiny) steps. It begins with awareness, asking myself about what I need ‘less of’ or ‘more of’ in that moment, and then make a choice. And make these little choices all day long to increase intention and awareness. I want to change my default setting. This is a practice, I am just trying to ‘move the needle’ on my behavior in incremental ways.

Are there a few LOMO’s you might consider in your own life? Maybe start with January and see how it goes. Anyone can do anything for 30 days, and then re-evaluate for February!! And … maybe, just maybe, you will sneak in a positive LOMO habit and it works for you.

I’d love to hear what is on your LOMO list. Maybe with some sharing we can increase our awareness AND accountability. Happy New Year to our AHS community.






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