We have the most interesting and dynamic group of participants.  We had the pleasure of attending the recent Healthier You Awards dinner with one in particular.  Kathi is one of those retired ‘doers’ as she is always doing something!  Kathi accepted the Healthier You Seniors’ Initiative Award on behalf of twenty-seven Caledonia Nordic Ski Club (CNSC) members, all seniors, who volunteered many hours this year to facilitate the Seniors’ cross-country skiing and snowshoeing program at the CNS Club (aka Otway).  The Program was born out of an idea to allow this demographic of people an opportunity to be more active outside during the winter.  And it was a smashing success.  Over 100 different seniors attended the sessions and then were able to meet up weekly and find others in their same speed and ability-level to participate throughout the winter.  The whole experience also included time for lessons with certified instructors as well as socialization and après-ski activities, and many people enjoyed learning (or dusting off) their skills in a friendly environment.

One day Kathi came to her regular class at AHS and polled the other participants about a new idea.  Her group at Otway is hitting the trails soon with a Mountain Biking program for Seniors.  Starting in mid-May there will be lessons followed some social time (complete with goodies).  They even offer a bike tune-up session to ensure everyone starts off with safe equipment.  What an amazing opportunity for people 55+ to try this wonderful summer activity in the comfort of a supportive environment.

We’ve appreciated the chance to have our information passed around to the members of their group and are happy to sing the praises of their initiative.  We are all in the business of helping to facilitate a more physically active and engaged demographic of older adults.  Maybe we should offer a foam-rolling or stretching session for those tired-out hamstrings and glutes after the first few weeks back on the trails.

We had the pleasure of watching Kathi and her group win the Seniors Initiative Award.  It was inspiring to hear her speak about the growth of their program and the transition into both winter and summer activities.  Congratulations.

It’s all time to get outside and enjoy the summer!


(for more information on the Seniors’ Biking Program at the CNSC, please go to




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