May 29th is Seniors Health and Fitness Day, which we celebrate every day here at Active Health Solutions!

In preparation for this day (and this blog) I did a quick internet search about the challenges of getting older. I stumbled upon an article written last year which appeared in Forbes magazine ( Some of the issues discussed were things like financial security, aging in place, caregiving, and cognitive decline, but the third one on the list was “mobility and movement.” This one really caught my attention as it is what our entire business is based on. We hear concerns about mobility and movement on a daily basis. The members of our community – of EVERY age – express their concerns about things like joint pain, injuries, capacity, strength, recovery, and the general decline around aging.

The Forbes article states that two-thirds of older adults in the US have a chronic condition (and there would be similar statistics in Canada). This may limit one’s ability to be safe and mobile, which in turn can impact independence and socialization. These are scary realizations for some older adults… for all of us (really). Our participants share with us their plans for special trips, seasonal activities (like playing golf, shoveling, gardening, or moving snow tires), walking their dogs, carrying laundry and groceries up and down stairs, and pending medical procedures (like joint replacements), which can be made difficult by a lack of strength and/or mobility. But all of these things are important; they are about living life on your own terms.

We know that moving more helps with moving longer. It isn’t magic, but it is work. You have to train for the lifestyle you want. This is why we work on improving strength, balance, endurance, and basic movement patterns in each and every class at AHS. Regardless of what fitness level you are at, there is always a class that will work for you. Our classes range from gaining/regaining range of motion and tolerance to weight bearing, high intensity circuits, and everything in between. And when you progress and increase your baseline level of fitness, we’ll encourage you to bump up and take on a new challenge (or the opposite, if you return to fitness after a break, we’ll meet you where you are at). Training will help you meet the demands of life, big or small, and we take so much pride in hearing every success story.

For us at Active Health Solutions, mobility and movement boil down to “quality of life.” If we can be active, we can live the life we want. So on this day, to celebrate Seniors Health and Fitness, we hope you can join us for a class … and if we don’t see you, we hope you are being active and enjoying great health.

~ Ann




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