For the past two years I have been working as a Personal Trainer, and have learned so much about the fitness industry, and what role I want to play within it. I got into personal training to help people improve their quality of life through creating healthy habits and engaging in regular physical activity. I took the Kinesiology program at CNC, where I studied under none other than Ann Holmes and Tracie Albisser! From them, I learned so much more about the world of health and fitness than I expected, and left with hope and excitement to start my career as a Fitness Professional.

I spent my first year and a half after college working as a trainer in a couple of different gyms here in Prince George, where I met some amazing people and formed lasting relationships with coworkers and clients. I trained people of all ages and levels of fitness, working with people with conditions such as arthritis, obesity, diabetes, joint replacements, poly-cystic ovarian syndrome, and more. It was amazing to see not only my clients’ physical states improve, but to see their confidence in themselves and their abilities grow so quickly. I used my knowledge from school to build programs to help them succeed, but what I really felt was the most impactful part of my job was showing each person I worked with that they were capable of so much more than they believed; I just gave them the tools they needed to change their own lives.

Earlier this year I was given the opportunity to work in one of the biggest and busiest gyms in Canada, so I made the move down to Vancouver. I went into the experience with high hopes and an open mind, fighting through the culture shock of life in the big city. As I was going through my first few days at the new gym, I noticed how different the atmosphere was. I found myself surrounded by Instagram models, designer workout gear, flawless sweat-proof hair and makeup, and “fitness consultants/coaches/gurus” spouting the latest diet and exercise fads as if they were the be-all-end-all of health. I didn’t see anyone who fit my ideal clientele base: there was no one over 50, no one who needed to lose any substantial amount of weight, and no one who looked like they were just starting out. It was obvious why, because even I – a Certified Personal Trainer – was intimidated to step foot in that gym. I spent the next month being asked by members why I didn’t look like a Kardashian, and trying to convince them that this ideal is NOT, in fact, everybody’s fitness goal. I tried to make my new position work, but each day I felt more and more discouraged. I did not get into personal training to make girls’ butts bigger, or to sell expensive packages. I got into personal training to help those people who really need it. So I made the decision to come back home.

Shortly after, I was in touch with Tracie and Ann, and found out that they were looking to hire someone to work at their clinic! I have been following their work with creating Active Health Solutions, and love everything that they stand for and believe in, so getting the opportunity to work with them is a dream come true for me. I’m looking forward to getting back to the basics, and focusing on helping people make themselves a priority so they can gain or maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle. The welcoming and inclusive environment creates a space where I know any client can come and work on themselves, surrounded by others who are on the same journey. I am so excited to start working with the amazing members, to continue learning from Ann and Tracie, and to earn my spot on the AHS team!

~Bryn Pritchard




#150 - 556 North Nechako Road

Prince George, British Columbia, V2K 1A1