Around Active Health Solutions we think and talk a lot about changing our habits.  And after many years of practicing and reading about health and habits, both Tracie and I still have ‘off days’ and get annoyed at our choices.  I read Dan Pink’s latest book called “When:  The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing” and his chapter on Beginnings launched some inspiration.  Two pieces of research that Pink got us thinking about were the science of “fresh starts” and the science of “starting together”.

The first, fresh starts (or temporal landmarks) means that when we have new dates, like New Year’s Eve, the first day of the month, or even a Monday, we note it as an opportunity for a beginning.  We can disconnect our mindset from the previous year, month or week and can make a plan to move forward.  Hence, we thought that June 1st was a good day for a fresh start.  The second area of research that grabbed our attention was on starting together.  When we all feel like we starting something at the same time, you know that aren’t alone on the journey, and we all have a chance to rise up together.  We all benefit.

That is how the AHS Checkmark Challenge was born.  Let’s all commit to trying a few little things for 7 days.  Anyone can do anything for a short amount of time.  We aren’t asking you to try these little things forever, just a week.  See if you like them, see if they stick, and if they don’t … so be it … at some point, it will be June 8th and the challenge will be over.

We’ve put a few things on the list that will help you move well, eat well, and hopefully live well.  Feel free to tweak these (they are just our wacky ideas) and add a few of your own.  Then after a week, report back.  Let us know what you did, where you were strong and where you need some attention, how many checkmarks you managed to collect, and what were your own additions.  If this creates a little spark in our community of movers, perhaps we can try it again in July, or August, or make it a monthly thing.

Print it off (link below) or pick one up and join us for the week – starting on Friday.  We’d love to hear about your adventures in fresh starts and habit change!  Tracie and I already know that we won’t be perfect, but we want to have some fun trying something new and being present in our community.

Thanks for playing.






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