Do you want to know the secret of longevity? Well … so do I. That is why I decided to pursue my Human Kinetics degree, so I can help people reach their goal of living a long time with vitality!

During my studies I have come across some secrets to longevity. My research has led me to Blue Zones, first proposed by National Geographic in 2005. These are regions in the world where people are believed to live the longest: California, Japan, and Sardinia are some of the regions considered to be in the Blue Zone. People in the Blue Zones follow nine best practices or healthy habits that allow them to achieve a long happy life.

Moving naturally is the first healthy habit, which means being active without having to think about it, which is exactly what you do at Active Health Solutions. Knowing your purpose is a keystone habit because it is the reason you get up every morning and continue to live your healthy life. Everyone deals with stress at some point in their life, and an important habit to relieve the stress we face is down shifting. This can be done with exercise! Nutrition, being a complement to exercise, is an excellent habit for longevity. A plant-based diet is recommended; however, this does not mean we have to completely give up meat. It just means the majority of the food we eat should be fruits and veggies! Another healthy habit is finishing eating when we are only 80% full. My favourite secret to a long life is wine at 5! I know I’m not alone when I say that’s my favorite secret, but it does not mean enjoying endless amounts of wine (I wish it did), it means enjoying in moderation and staying within the limits of alcohol consumption.

The last three healthy habits all go hand in hand with each other: these are family first, belonging, and having the right tribe. After shadowing many group fitness classes I have seen the benefits of these three habits. Everyone belongs at Active Health Solutions, not a single person is out of place; the community is very welcoming and feels just like a second family because everyone is interested and invested in each other’s success. Having the right tribe is the last Blue Zone habit, and I definitely feel like everyone who attends Active Health Solutions is part of the community.

If you are wondering how my knowledge from school is transferring into a fitness clinic? My answer to that is taking the information I have learned (all the science, concepts, and in-school terms) and being able to observe and piece exercises and practical information together – such as the community at Active Health Solutions and longevity. I am very excited that the things my professors say to me are actually things that I am able to witness and relate too. It makes me extra excited to hurry up and finish my degree so I can get out in the real world and help everyone live a long, happy life!

~ Morgan Proctor, 4th year student at UBCO (and former CNC Kinesiology program student)




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