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In the spirit of this last Family Day long weekend, let’s talk about getting active with your family, because like ParticipACTION says, everything gets better when you get active! We have such an amazing community of movers here that are setting a great, active example for their families, so we want to encourage everyone to get their loved ones moving with them. Incorporating physical activity into family get-togethers not only helps get/keep your family healthy, but it can also strengthen your relationships. Getting active together doesn’t mean you need to sign up for a marathon or pump some iron, it can be as easy as working a fun group activity into your schedule every week. Here are some family-friendly ideas you can try:

· Get in the spirit for the 2020 Canadian Masters Badminton Championship or the 2020 World Women’s Curling Championship by taking the family to curl or play some indoor badminton! In Prince George we are lucky to have a variety of drop in and scheduled sports for all ages like volleyball, hockey, basketball, pickleball, dodgeball, soccer, and more.

· Not into competitive team sports? Try bowling or mini-golf… relaxed fun for any age!

· Make a weekly skate date! There are plenty of indoor and outdoor rinks to teach your grandkids how to skate, play a game of shinny, or to practice your figure-8’s.

· Baking cookies with the kids? Throw on some tunes for a kitchen dance party!

· Head out to Otway or the Hart Ski Hill for cross country or downhill skiing to get some exercise while enjoying our winter wonderland.

· Splash around at the public pool for an activity that is truly for any age!

· Getting active can be a walk in the park… literally! Bundle up the whole family and check out one of our many beautiful parks.

· Want to get outside but stay close to home? Look no further than your own backyard! Enjoy the snow with your grandkids by building snowmen and snow forts, get your arms pumping with some snow angels, or even have a friendly snowball fight.

· Dust off your snowshoes and check out the many beautiful trails around Prince George.

· Already have a standing family activity that is more on the sedentary side? Work in some active transportation by walking to the coffee shop on a nice day or parking at the far end of the movie theatre just to squeeze in a few extra steps.



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