We did it, we survived our first year in business. Insert deep breath

We started off by following our business plan (yes, we had one!) but as we started figuring out the flow of classes and meeting new participants, we learned some lessons and made some changes. As two academics that love learning, this has been a fun adventure and we thought we’d share some of our highlights.

Initially we structured classes with Tracie’s Boomer Fit gang in mind, but with some marketing efforts and word-of-mouth sharing, we realized we needed more classes and more variety. First Restore was added as a level 1 class and then Thrive was added to bridge the gap between Invigorate and Excel. Now we have 5 classes in our Vitality Series.

Next came the golfers. First with Golf Fit, then we added Golf Rehab, and now we have a Golf Fit Elite class. Golfers of all levels have a place to work on their off-season fitness. Plus, Ann has been busy teaching lessons and more junior golfers have found us. The golf net has been a unique feature to our studio.

We started thinking about complimentary classes, and yoga and Tai Chi were added, which brought 3 wonderful teachers to our staff – Paz, Alisha, and Gillian. And in the fall, in conjunction with the Run for the Cure, Ann started Pink Power and the class for breast cancer survivors was launched.

We’ve also had a few transitions since we opened. Somer – our very first employee – kickstarted many of our systems at the front desk but moved on in April and Bryn joined us in August. She has jumped into the chaos and we appreciate her on the team. Bryn came at a time when Tracie and I went back to teaching at CNC full-time and she coordinates us daily. She teaches many classes and has even developed her own class – Weight Loss – and will be offering Hot Stone Massage in the coming weeks. And we started using our Community Kitchen for Lunch & Learn sessions hosted by Pushpa. The meals have been spectacular and the visiting has been wonderful.

In the New Year we have some new additions to the schedule. We are starting Health Workshops and placing more of a focus on Health Coaching. Ann is in the process of finishing a Natural Nutrition Diploma and will be adding some counselling services in these areas. In March, we are hosting a day of professional development for the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) and we’ll reconnect with many of our former students who are working as fitness professionals.

Finally, we LOVE hearing the Success Stories from all of our participants. The improvements and changes to daily activities are what keep our motivation and passion for this work high – and when our participants tell us these stories, they think they are so small, but we think these are huge (and important)!! We are grateful for each and every member in our community of movers. We have the most engaged, committed group and it makes coming to Active Health Solutions every day a joy. Thanks to everyone for the continued support and referrals – your interest and improved health are the best marketing tools we have!

~ Ann





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