Empowering you to live with increased vitality through movement, nutrition, and social connection.



To establish a warm, receptive, and non-intimidating environment that ensures everyone feels safe and cared for at Active Health Solutions.

To create a facility that provides accessible service for everyone no matter where they are starting this journey. Everyone deserves to live with increased health and vitality.

To offer safe effective programs, progressions, and movement modifications that offer variety and meet the individual needs of our clients.

To provide access to the highest level of expertise in the industry.

To use a comprehensive approach to health and wellness that incorporates cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, nutrition and healthy habits.

To provide our clients with the education, guidance, support, and motivation to discover their own fitness potential and enhance their quality of their life.

To network with the appropriate healthcare professionals regarding client well-being and incorporate treatment recommendations as needed.

To uphold professional integrity through our conduct, appearance, and respect for our clientele.

We will strive to be the best part of our participants’ day, change lives, and have fun while doing it!



Partners and owners - Tracie Albisser and Ann Holmes - work together and teach in the Kinesiology Diploma Program at the College of New Caledonia. They have bonded over their mutual interest in health, wellness, and fitness. Over numerous passionate discussions about the state of health, healthcare, the staggering increases in chronic illness and obesity, and concerns about healthy aging, the business concept of Active Health Solutions (AHS) was born.

Both Tracie and Ann stay current with the latest research in health, rehabilitation, fitness, nutrition, and aging, and have realized that the modern solutions of diet and exercise simply are not working for a segment of the population, particularly older Canadians (the Baby Boomers, and that demographic is increasing in size). Their concept of a full-service, clinical wellness facility emphasizes all dimensions of holistic health. Their community approach and commitment to social connection will increase adherence to long-term, positive changes in every client that comes to AHS.


Active Health Solutions is not a gym … we are “the ungym.” We want to change the way fitness is done.

This is a new approach to health and fitness in the north – our intake/assessment procedures and programming will assure safety, support, and comfort. We are especially mindful of inexperienced or cautious adults.

We have the expertise to cater to adults that have chronic injuries or illnesses (issues like arthritis, hip or knee replacements, diabetes, heart disease, being overweight, or anything associated with aging). We can help anyone move more to improve their health and wellness.

Our services cost less than physiotherapy or expensive medications.

Our business model fills the gaps in the health care system: we are not primary care but we help people either before or after medical intervention and/or physiotherapy. Ideally, we want to serve people that want to get more fit – to maintain and/or increase their mobility and strength.

We run small group classes (12-15 participants maximum), rehabilitation classes, health seminars, and personal health coaching (and ancillary services related to fitness, health and rehab)

We have a full-service community kitchen to serve as a gathering place for participants to use after class to have a cup of coffee or tea. In addition, this space will serve as a classroom to offer weekly health seminars. We offer nutrition information and personal health coaching as an extension of these lectures.

We can show you that it is never too late to be healthy!





Maureen has survived congestive heart failure and has suffered several minor heart attacks. Her blood pressure was “sky high.” She had no energy, was always short of breath, and had very poor balance.

“I was put on all sorts of drugs to control my heart rate, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

Maureen has been taking Tracie’s classes for the past 6 years now and has seen huge improvements in her health and well-being.

“My blood pressure and cholesterol are now within normal limits, I no longer need to take medicine to slow my heart down, I have an abundance of energy, and my balance is much improved.”

Maureen's heart specialist was so impressed by her progress that she no longer needs to see him!

 “The specialist was amazed to see the improvement in my echocardiograms over the 8 years he has treated me. We both agree that the medicines have worked well but my progress is mainly due to how well Tracie has taught and trained me over the years.”

Regular exercise has not only improved Maureen’s balance and range of motion, but it has also repaired the damage from heart disease. Maureen says she is in “the best shape of her life” and is happy to be where she is today.

Hi Bryn and Tracie, I am home from Vietnam and Cambodia.  I had a great time but am happy to be home.  I will recommence Thrive, maybe Monday or certainly by Wednesday depending on the jet-lag.
I have to say that I was in great shape for this holiday and left many of the "young people" on the trip "in my dust!"  It was super feeling ready for the challenge of our busy days.
See you soon!

- Jo-Anne

"I was the classic couch potato—hardly able to walk around the block. My doctor said I had better get moving. I heard about Tracie’s class and decided to try it. She was very welcoming and worked with my limitations to help me get an appropriate workout. Tracie was never judgemental, and always encouraging.

I did not like exercise—did not want to exercise. Now two years later, I am attending six classes a week and really enjoying it.”

– Judith

Angie has been taking Tracie’s classes for the past 5 years and has noticed the physiological, emotional, and intellectual benefits of regular physical activity. Physically, Angie says her “muscle tone has improved noticeably and stays toned,” her “core muscles are tighter” and she has “no trouble doing ‘front planks'.”

“My balance has improved, and I have better stamina and endurance in other physical activities. My usually high blood pressure has recently lowered to 114/71, a far cry from the 140/80 range in the beginning of 2016 and it was higher in previous years. The arthritic pain in my joints have gradually lessened and I am now 90 percent painless; the 10 % is usually first thing in the morning when I just get up from bed.”

Emotionally, Angie feels “more enthusiastic in doing things and trying new things.”
“During the dark days when my husband was slowly dying from complications of Parkinson’s disease, exercise had kept me afloat. I am happy more often and even euphoric at times. I rebound faster from feeling low to seeing brighter side of things.”

Angie says that exercise has also improved her mental capacity. She is able to “still memorize pieces of music to play on the harp.”

“I no longer shrink from meeting challenges and obstacles; when they come I try to figure how to overcome them. I almost never get depressed now.”

“In spite of my age (I will be 75 in March, 2018), have a pacemaker, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis, I believe by continuing to exercise, I will continue to have quality of life. I hope the benefits I have gained from regular exercise will encourage others to do the same.”

– Angie

Hi Ann, just wanted to say thank you for a very informative and fun workshop this week.  I'm relieved to know that I'm not as decrepit as I thought – but also inspired to do more, eat less and live longer and healthier! 

Also – love my new hat!  Can't wait for cross-country ski season to try it out! 

- Wendy

Hi Tracie, well I made it through first day. 75 km. Pouring rain, riding through rivers. Had a great ride.  Felt alive again. No real pain. Love those E bikes. Day 2 here we come. 

– Judy



Opened in 2017, AHS was purposefully designed and built to be open and welcoming!

2000 square feet of open fitness space to accommodate classes of 12-15 participants.

Dual-purpose community kitchen that serves as both a gathering place for participants before and after class, and a classroom with AV presentation capabilities for health lectures.

Plenty of free

One private room for assessments and private treatments.

A wide array of mats, dumbbells, TRX Suspension training, stability balls, bands, and other suitable fitness equipment.

Two accessible washrooms, one with a shower.



Tracie and Ann are academics (aka, NERDS) and avid readers. We stay current on the latest health research. Active Health Solutions is at the intersection of the central concepts from three major health and wellness authorities: Nutritious Movement, The Blue Zones, and Exercise is Medicine:

Katy Bowman is a Biomechanist, researcher, and the author of numerous books on movement, exercise, and rehabilitation for modern chronic pain and injuries. Nutritious Movement is a “portal to an idea—that you are how you move and that you can move differently for a different, better outcome, once you have more information regarding how movement works.” All of Katy’s books can be found on our bookshelves!

The Blue Zones is an initiative from National Geographic and Dan Buettner. The Blue Zones are inspired by the world’s longest-lived cultures. The research in the various Blue Zones around the world encourage us to eat a plant-strong diet; include a lot of natural movement throughout the day; foster relationships in your family, with friends, and in your community; and find a sense of purpose in life. These tenets lead to longevity.

Exercise is Medicine Canada is part of a global organization that encourages a healthy lifestyle. Exercise is Medicine programs are based on abundant evidence that physical activity reduces the risk of chronic disease and that more should be done to address this in the healthcare setting. Physicians are encouraged to prescribe physical activity and a healthy lifestyle as a standard of medical care, and then refer patients to certified exercise professionals. Exercise professionals (as part of CSEP) are an integral part of the healthcare system in Canada.